Use mobile marketing and get a postal discount

Donor relationships and engagement are a high priority for our nonprofit clients. The United States Postal Service is offering a 3% postage discount for July and August, 2011 when mobile marketing and direct mail are combined. Here’s how it works: organizations print  mail pieces (envelope or contents) with a QR code (Quick Response code – a two-dimensional code that users can scan with a mobile device that takes them directly to a specified landing page on a smartphone). The qualifying First Class Mail® cards, letters and flats, and Standard Mail® letters and flats bearing a QR code will receive a 3% discount on the total postage cost.

Promotion guidelines:

–         The QR code must be used for consumer interaction and be relevant to the mail piece. The two-dimensional barcode must have a marketing purpose, not administrative (such as links to online payment or internal operations) or educational.

–         Co-mingled, co-mailed and combined mailings are allowed, but the QR-coded mail must have a separate postage statement.

–         The QR code 3% promotional discount cannot be combined with any other postal incentive, except the full-service Intelligent Mail® barcode discount.

–         Effective dates for the promotion are July 1 – August 31, 2011.

For nonprofit organizations with an online presence, the USPS mail promotion can add up to worthwhile savings to connect with donors and potential donors.