Using your audit to apply for grants

Many organizations have an annual audit dictated by their bank, board of directors or nonprofit charter. The audit can also be helpful when applying for grants from federal or private agencies or foundations. Your audit tells potential funding sources about:

–         The financial stability of your organization

–         The current status of your finances

–         Your internal controls

–         Integrity of spending

–         Governance of the organization

If your audit indicates that corrective measures be taken, you have the opportunity to document the steps you are taking to improve the quality of your organization. And, a history of audited financial statements lends credibility to your organization’s mission. It may also increase your ability to receive funds.

Some of the organizations that we work with ask about sources for grant applications. One source for federal grant opportunities is By registering your organization on this site, you can search for grant opportunities and apply online.

To find contact and other information about nonprofit organizations in Dallas, visit the Dallas Public Library Web site, select the Services tab and then Community Information Database.

Another helpful resource is the Texas Foundation Directory ( – provided by the Nonprofit Resource Center of Texas through the San Antonio Community Foundation.