Do you need to reinstate your tax exempt status?

Many organizations recently lost tax exempt status – making them ineligible to receive tax-deductible donations. If that’s not enough, without tax exemption, organizations pay corporate income tax on annual revenue and jeopardize their ability to receive grants.

Our nonprofit tax department is working with several organizations to make them fully compliant again. We help them correctly complete Form 1023, the application for reinstatement of tax exempt status. And, we handle all related correspondence and discussions with the IRS. If the problem is past due forms, such as the 990, we manage that process too, to get an organization back on track.

Accounting and consulting for nonprofit organizations is an area of specialty for Salmon Sims Thomas. Don’t worry – we’ll quickly and affordably help you reinstate tax exempt status.

You can call me at 972-341-9549, or call Carla Medrano at 972-739-1266.