Get ready for July 1: fee disclosure day

Bloggers and financial planning professionals are talking about the DOL’s upcoming requirement to disclose details about administrative fees for 401(k) plans. July 1 is the date that sets all of the wheels in motion regarding fee disclosures. Right now, you can plan ahead and be ready, and make any adjustments you feel are needed for your plan. The DOL has a worksheet that takes you through a series of steps to determine the fees you pay. Using this worksheet will give you clarity about your fees and ample time to prepare how to address the fees and present them to current employees and other plan participants. Here are the key dates to remember:

July 1 – Plan administrators and mutual funds must disclose details of administrative fees (direct and indirect compensation) in 401(k) plans.

August 30 – Plan administrators must furnish plan participants with a copy of the fees by this date.

November 14 – Date by which fees and expenses must appear on the quarterly statement for fees incurred from July to September, 2012.

With the information you uncover about your fees, you may want to consider benchmarking your plan against other plans with similar number of participants and assets. Having benchmark information will also help your justification of fees with employees. Remember that many employees are unaware of fees and will require justification because the fees affect their ultimate savings.