Accounting Solution Frees Pastor for Ministry: Creekwood Church – Case Study


“QuickBooks needed constant attention. I was the only one writing checks, and I was stuck under paperwork – not the reason I went into ministry.”


The Problem:

Growth and changes create exorbitant demands on systems and staff time. Creekwood Church in Mansfield, Texas, is blessed with rapid growth in ministry, attendance, and finances. Starting with 20 people in a living room in 2004, today Creekwood hosts 1,000 people every Sunday. Like many other churches, Creekwood relied on a traditional application of QuickBooks to manage finances. Brad Levens, Executive Pastor, had a background as a CPA, and knew that something had to change so that administration and myriad manual processes didn’t hold back church growth.

The Search:

Brad looked at other church accounting systems, but they all seemed very church-specific. Just learning how ministries managed finances didn’t easily translate to Creekwood. Then, a year and a half ago, a friend and colleague suggested that Brad call Tammy Bunting with DaVee Consulting (now Salmon Sims Thomas.) Tammy spent a day at Creekwood, listening and learning all about Creekwood’s current situation and future goals.

The Solution:

DaVee Consulting recommended Intacct, a cloud-based accounting system that integrates payroll, accounts payable/receivable, and Fellowship One, a church database management system. Once approved, Brad wasn’t left alone to implement the transition. Merilee, SR manager with DaVee Consulting/SST and Intacct thoroughly attended to the details to make the switch as seamless as possible.

The Results:

Today, Brad is excited to be back in ministry again with fewer distractions. He meets with staff regularly to see how the church can support each ministry – a luxury he had to give up years ago. He delegates tasks that he can simply oversee instead of have to tackle hands-on. And no more paper receipts and filing – documents are scanned, bills approved online and then paid electronically. Extensive reporting capability makes Intacct a bountiful resource of statistical data. Brad feels like Creekwood can be proactive, instead of reactive or restricted by administrative constraints. Creekwood staff works as a team with Salmon Sims Thomas, who respond to questions and needs with timely answers and suggestions that continue to facilitate administration and more importantly ministry.

Please contact Becky DaVee, CPA, partner at Salmon Sims Thomas, to find out how get out from under paperwork and have more time for ministry.