How to Recapture the Time You Spend on Books and Bills

Businesses everywhere go through the same time-consuming routines: Send sales order to accounting. Prepare an invoice. Mail or email the invoice. Prepare purchase order. Receive bills. Match invoice with purchase order. Enter bills into QuickBooks or another accounting system. Generate a list of who to pay when. Print checks. Sign checks. Match checks with invoices. Put checks into envelopes. Apply postage.

Such tasks take hours and hours of staff time. But times are changing, and while robots may be taking over manufacturing processes, it doesn’t take a robot to manage accounting processes. A recent Wall Street Journal article describes ways that software is making work easy for corporate accounting departments. The end result is savings of time, money, and number of people to do the work. Automating accounts payable and receivable is one of the services offered by Cloudkeeping™, a division of Salmon Sims Thomas. Clients are delighted when they discover that they have time to focus on the important and less urgent aspects of their job. Talk with us about how we can help you choose the right software to recapture the hours lost on tedious, mundane tasks.