SST Firm News – April 2016

Tradeshow Travels

Eileen Keller and Linda Howard traveled to Asheville, North Carolina for the SACUBO (Southern Association of Universities and Colleges) conference. The attendees were business officers of colleges and universities across the south.








Take me out to the ball game!

SST staff enjoyed a day of hotdogs, peanuts, popcorn, and Cracker Jacks while talking baseball team rivalries and playing baseball paddle ball. True fans also watched a live baseball game in our training/game day room.












End of tax season party at Speed Zone

Just as SST staff crossed the finish line on tax season, we took on go kart and dragster races at Speed Zone. We’re not naming names, but even those who aren’t high speed racers found plenty of fun!










April Taco Tuesday

April’s Taco Tuesday for nonprofit organizations addressed Common Legal Issues Facing Nonprofit Organizations. Our speaker was Katari Buck, partner, Asiatico Law, PLLC


“Thank you so much for this helpful lunch & learn yesterday!! I went away with immediate “next steps” and was happy to have a new potential board member in attendance with me. 

Your generous lunches are helping us become a stronger organization, better equipped to fulfill our mission.”