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Hot off the Press… “What Gets Measured and Managed”

We are pleased to share that we have recently published an article for Church Executive, “What Gets Measured and Managed”, examining the value of church metrics.

The following is an executive summary of our article:

Church leaders aren’t typically accountants. So, what’s meaningful to CPAs is uneventful for church leadership. Each Monday morning the senior pastor really has five questions he or she needs answered:

  • What was attendance this past weekend?
  • How much was the weekend deposit(s)?
  • Is payroll covered?
  • Has the mortgage been paid?
  • Are we “on track” (translation: on budget)?

Numeric data tells a story that drives church resources, whether a church tracks cars in the parking lot, first-time visitors, Sunday school attendance, giving units per location or by service, and / or text-to-give donations. These numbers tell where and how a church is growing, and whether the church can effectively manage additional growth.

It’s relatively plain and simple…what gets measured, can be managed. The dilemma for leadership is understanding what should be measured.

Check out the link to our full article regarding Church metrics. If you have any questions please contact Rebecca DaVee at 918-857-5685.

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