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Amy Hendrix

If Amy could be any animal, she’d be a shark. But don’t let that scare you. She just thinks they are fascinating creatures who are seen as mean and violent, but are just misunderstood and doing what God made them to do. Amy grew up not far from here in Garland, and then majored in accounting at the University of North Texas. She would like to go to Ireland and Scotland one day because, “They are so gorgeous and so much history there, plus a lot of my ancestors are from there.” When she’s not at work, you can find Amy doing homework, spending time with her kids, reading, cooking, or out to dinner and a movie with friends.


Sheri Box

Sheri is a native of Friendswood, Texas and went to the University of Houston – Clear Lake. She’s an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys flower gardening, horseback riding, and motorbike riding. She likes to travel, and would love to visit Australia, Alaska, New Zealand, Ireland and Greenland. Outside of work, Sheri is also interested in sports events, volunteering and learning, and looking at blueprints/home designs. Even though she seems tame to us, if she were an animal, she’d be a lion.


Cindy Hua

“Ngay dep qua” means “It’s a beautiful day” in Vietnamese. But since she grew up in Arlington, Texas, wouldn’t she say, “Ngay dep qua, y’all?” Cindy comes to Salmon Sims Thomas with a degree in accounting from the University of Texas at Arlington. If she were an animal, she’d be a ‘fun and fabulous flamingo’ in South Africa, where she’d love to travel. When asked what, she likes to do in her free time, Cindy says, “shopping, tennis, traveling, and brunch with my gals.” Welcome, Cindy!


Connor Wilkins

Connor likes to run and workout, play piano, travel, and spend time with friends. On top of working at SST, he’s in his last semester at the University of Texas at Arlington, majoring in accounting. Connor says,” If I was an animal, I would like to be an eagle.  Being able to fly would be a great change of perspective compared to being on the ground all of the time.” He’ll just have to settle for flying in an airplane to New Zealand, the next place on his list to travel. Connor grew up in Overland Park, Kansas.


Velma Garcia

“¡Ten un buen día!” (Have a good day)

Velma grew up in San Antonio, where she graduated from University of Texas San Antonio with a degree in accounting. She also met her husband there, and they lived briefly in Corpus Christi before moving to the Dallas area. She and her husband jog together and are warming up with 5K races to do a 10K someday. Velma enjoys bicycling, shopping hanging out with their two dogs, and visiting her three children in San Antonio, Oakland, and Nashville. She’d also like to go to Alaska in the summer. Velma speaks Spanish, tambien (too).

If she was an animal, it would be a white tiger because they’re unique, quick, and smart.

Josephine Mwaura

Josephine grew up and went to school in Kenya, and is a native Swahili speaker. She probably said, “Hi, Muthenya wa Gikeno” (oh happy day) when she earned her BSC in International Business Administration. Josephine likes to read and travel, and Hawaii is at the top of her list for places she’d like to go. If she were an animal, she would like to be a bird because then she would have two different worlds to explore.



Stork Deliveries


Get ready to welcome Kari and Chris Eaton’s baby Oliver. He’ll arrive on June 26th, (or sometime around then!)




A little leprechaun was delivered to Sheri Larkin’s daughter, Cassie , on St. Patrick’s Day: Jack Alexander, 8 lb; 11 oz.