Business in the Digital Age: SST’s Virtual Office

by SST’s Outsourced Technology Supervisor, Kari Eaton

Thanks to modern technology, it is easier than ever to support virtual offices. This type of telecommuting started emerging in the mid 1990’s and has taken off with the Internet boom in the new millennium. In 2017, many employees see working from home as a job perk. While traditional offices allow for more comradery amongst employees, as well as, the compartmentalization of work and home lives, telecommuting within the virtual world allows for increased productivity. There is less time spent commuting into an office, and studies show that most virtual team members invest that commute time back into working. Furthermore, these studies show, the flexibility of working from home reduces employee stress and improves retention rates.

I’ve been working from a virtual office for 3 ½ years now. Over the course of those years I moved to a different city, and began a family. I never had to worry about finding a new job when I moved; I took two days off to unpack the boxes and then started right back up again. After having my child, I could continue working from home while sending my baby to part time care. This saved me money and allowed me more bonding time with him in those crucial early days as a mom. In addition to these personal benefits I have fewer distractions at home than I do when I am in our traditional office. Our virtual team takes great strides to ensure that each CK employee stays connected with each other and the home office. Fortunately, our team is productive without direct oversight, self-motivated and diligent, maintaining professionalism while working in the virtual environment.

The benefits of our virtual team extend to our clients and firm, I can stay “plugged into” work no matter where I am. The world we live in today allows me to work anywhere, anytime, from any device. My job utilizes cloud-based technologies that allow me to access my clients’ information no matter where I am. If I can access the internet, I can review the client’s data and get them answers. I don’t have to be on the network of the home office, or on my work computer to get the job done. My clients are pleased with this level of service, and I love the freedom my virtual office provides me. A happy worker leads to more productive work, making happy clients and a growing business.

SST’s virtual office specializes in accounting services. We take the “back office” bookkeeping and elevate it to an efficient system that promotes business for our clients. We take their books and transition them to a cloud-based platform accessible from any web based device.

Benefits of a virtual accounting team include:

  • Real Time Access to books
  • Reduced staff on-site, saves payroll and benefit expenses
  • Repurpose staff to focus on mission of organization, rather than the books
  • Multi-site campuses can be connected through the cloud to provide a sense of unity
  • Allows client access to professionals they can afford – our staff is comprised of CFOs and CPAs that offer advisory support without having them on retainer full time

If you are interested in learning more about our virtual accounting office, please contact me at