Updates from the 2017 CSPEN Annual Conference


This week is the Central States Private Education Network’s 2017 Annual Conference. CSPEN is an SST client and Partners Becky DaVee and Eileen Keller were honored to participate in this event. SST hosted a booth at the conference where both Becky and Eileen presented.

“The Central States Private Education Network (CSPEN) is a 501(c)(3) charitable education organization dedicated to promote the interests of students and private schools. CSPEN works collaboratively with other like-minded national and state organizations, their representatives, and the supporters of our shared community throughout the United States.”

Today the attendees from the CSPEN annual conference heard from Congresswoman Virginia Foxx from North Carolina. Representative Foxx serves as the chair of the Education and Workforce Committee. This committee plans to reauthorize the Higher Education Act when congress resumes in the fall. Her focus this year is to:

  1. Empower students and families to make better informed decisions regarding higher education,
  2. Simplify student aid and streamline the funding sources to 1 grant, 1 loan and 1 student workforce program,
  3. Promote engagement in post-secondary education by allowing students to take advantage of prior learning credits,
  4. Enhance accountability for tax payer dollars by reducing federal rules and regulations and by repealing unnecessary reporting requirements.

Currently there are 5.6 million unfilled jobs and employers are looking for graduates that are trained and ready for the workforce.

Quality education provides good paying jobs which produce successful lives.

Check back here for more updates from the 2017 CSPEN Annual Conference.