SST to Host Chapter Meeting for Exit Planning Institute

On Friday, September 8th at 7:30 a.m. Salmon Sims Thomas will host the September meeting for the North Texas Chapter of the Exit Planning Institute (EPI). The North Texas Chapter of EPI provides a forum where professional advisors collaborate on the unique needs of our community; develops educational programs where business owners and advisors prepare exit strategies for their business; and fosters the adoption of best practices for exit planning professionals.

September’s meeting will focus on the key events which trigger the need for a business owner to secure a business valuation and the key factors which influence the ultimate opinion of value. Key learning objectives include:

  • How to recognize the trigger events that lead an owner to see a business valuation
  • How to evaluate primary factors driving the valuation of a business
  • How to identify and properly apply the three primary approaches to valuing a business
  • How to develop the pertinent levels of value to the valuation of a company and their applicability to the sale of a business
  • How estimating the value in preparation for sale to an outside financial buyer might differ from other methodologies

The speaker for the meeting will be Chris Mercer, Founder and Chief Executive of Mercer Capital. Chris began his valuation career in the late 1970s and has prepared, overseen, or contributed to hundreds of valuations for purposes related to tax, ESOPs, buy-sell agreements, and litigation. He enjoys working with business owners to address ownership transition issues.

Salmon Sims Thomas is located at 12720 Hillcrest Road, Suite 500, Dallas, TX.