Inside a Cloudkeeping Internship at SST

by Cloudkeeping Staff Interns Luqman Danawala and Amy Hendrix

To be a CK intern at Salmon, Sims, Thomas is to have a 1 minute commute. With the option of working from home you can work around your educational, familial, and social schedules. Salmon, Sims, Thomas’ virtual and physical offices offer a family oriented environment that allows you to grow as an individual while also pursuing professional development. Any intern working for SST will feel like one of the team, with the named partners making it a point to learn your name, you are treated as an equal player valued by the entire staff. Surprisingly, SST’s work environment is so desirable that some team members have returned to SST after retirement. This highly desirable working environment is the prize of earning an internship opportunity with Salmon, Sims, Thomas.

Most college students do not know what to expect when they enter the workforce. Accounting firms often hold a stigma of being strict and somewhat “uptight”. However, with SST, nothing could be farther from the truth. Unlike many other internships, SST’s ultimate goal for its interns is that they become an integrated part of the team, seamlessly flowing into the department as a full-time employee after graduation. The supervisors, team leads, and partners believe in supporting each person (intern and full-time employees alike) in their positions and as a team. They are constantly giving words of affirmation and complimenting achievements on almost a daily basis. Many firms and even industry accounting departments talk a big game about work-life balance but SST actually puts it into practice. SST “talks the talk and walks the walk” when it comes to supporting their team at an individual level.

As interns, we have been able to:

  • go to school and work in between classes with ease and flexibility provided by our supervisors who support our dedication to our education
  • work from anywhere using any device, even our phones, by utilizing the many Cloud-based programs and software promoted by CK
  • be at home with children after school or when sick while still working
  • be available for client needs and emergencies, at any time, thanks to our flexible work environment

A few situations we have experienced have been:

  • being able to study for a test and still complete our SST assigned tasks due to the benefits of the virtual office
  • the flexibility of working at night to make up for lost time during the day for whatever reason
  • being able to take a half day to study for a test or do homework without repercussions
  • the welcoming spirit embodied by our managers visiting with us over lunch during our first week of employment with the firm. This made us feel as a valued team member from day one.

We have really treasured our time working for SST and we think you would too. If you are interesting in an internship opportunity with SST feel free to contact Amy Rodgers at