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It begins at the top: Our unparalleled service reflects a leadership team dedicated to your success and to the success of our team members. We have a wide array of experience across businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries.

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William H. Sims <small>CPA</small>

William H. Sims CPA

CEO, Partner
Eileen Keller <small>CPA</small>

Eileen Keller CPA

Ronald W. Salmon <small>CPA, CEPA</small>

Ronald W. Salmon CPA, CEPA

Partner Emeritus
Edward E. Gray <small>CPA</small>

Edward E. Gray CPA



Rachel A. Alexander, <small>CPA</small>, <small>CITP</small>

Rachel A. Alexander, CPA, CITP

Senior Tax Manager
Karen Eilert

Karen Eilert

Compliance Manager
Aaron Lohman, <small>CPA</small>

Aaron Lohman, CPA

Manager, Audit
Bridget Losa, <small>CPA</small>

Bridget Losa, CPA

Senior Audit Manager
Donna Snedic

Donna Snedic

Manager of Corporate Operations, Project Management & Virtual Controller
Tanya Severski, <small>CPA</small>

Tanya Severski, CPA

Senior Audit Manager
Emily M. Cook, <small>CPA</small>

Emily M. Cook, CPA

Senior Manager, Client Advisory and Accounting Services
Leslie Shannon, <Small>CPA</small>

Leslie Shannon, CPA

Virtual Controller, Client Advisory and Accounting Services


Chris Adams, <small>CPA</small>

Chris Adams, CPA

Supervisor, Audit
Christina Nichols Morris

Christina Nichols Morris

Supervisor, Tax
Seth Elkins, <small>CPA</small>

Seth Elkins, CPA

Supervisor, Audit
Brian Hurguy

Brian Hurguy

Compliance Supervisor

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